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Cadman appointed to Mayor’s Greenest City Action Team

Councillor Cadman will be one of a group of experts on environmental issues convening to make Vancouver “the greenest city in the world.” The team will be looking at a variety of issues including:

1. tackling climate change,  
2. improving the transportation system,  
3. reducing pollution and waste,  
4. promoting local food,  
5. conserving water,   
6. protecting citizen’s health from environmental
7. supporting neighbourhood sustainability initiatives,  
8. stimulating development of green jobs and the green

Cadman, an expert in climate change and president of the International Committee on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) hopes to bring best practice ideas from around the world. For more on Cadman’s environmental work, see

COPE on small business taxation

COPE will be bringing a motion to council next week, urging the provincial government to authorize a change to allow a differentiated class bracket for small businesses.

According to Councillor Woodsworth, “small business owners are hurting with the economic downtown and deserve a share of tax responsibility commensurate with the size of their businesses.”

Only the Province has the ability to amend/create new property classes under Section 19(14) of the BC Assessment Act[RSBC 1996] and the Community Charter, Municipal Tax Regulation that define tax classes.

COV Advisory Bodies and Budget Consultation

The City of Vancouver is looking for volunteers to sit on one of the 21 existing advisory bodies. These include the bicycle advisory committee, public art advisory committee and many more! For a full list, see Stay tuned for more committees.

Budget consultations are also taking place shortly. For more, see and have your say.

Poverty Reduction Statement

On February 5, 2009, more than 200 organizations and community leaders joined together to call on all BC political parties to commit to a comprehensive, legislated poverty reduction plan. COPE was one of those organizations.

B.C. has the highest rate of poverty in Canada and the highest child poverty rate for five years running. While five Canadian provinces either have poverty reduction plans or are in the process of developing them, B.C. does not have a poverty reduction plan. To get involved with the campaign, and read the open letter, see



Mel Lehan’s Office Opening!

Join long-time COPE activist, Mel Lehans, at the Grand Opening of his Point Grey NDP Campaign Office.

Sunday February 15th 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Join Mel to kick off the Campaign & Officially Open the NDP office
3216 West Broadway @ Trutch Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-568-2660

Feb 12, 2009: Talking Politics on sustainable jobs, green team, taxation, Mel's office opening and more!

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