With the next civic election less than 18 months away, COPE is starting to get it’s election machinery in gear. On June 18, the new Executive Board and elected members of COPE’s Council, Park and School Board Caucuses spent a long day strategizing for the run-up to the November 2008 election race.

For some of the new members of the Executive, it was a get-to know-you session. For long time COPE activists, it was an opportunity to share past experience and begin the hard work that goes with an electoral campaign.

The group discussed the main issues facing Vancouver. They also examined COPE’s structure in order to build a strong and inclusive organization that can win back City Hall, Park Board and School Board in 2008.

June 18, however, was only the beginning and further strategy sessions are being planned. But no plan will work without input from COPE members and supporters. And the COPE Executive and elected cauauces want to hear from you.

Please take a moment to let the COPE Executive know what issues are important to you.

Contact the Executive at cope@cope.bc.ca and list the top three civic issues that you think COPE should be dealing with as we move towards November 2008.

Election News: COPE starts planning for 2008 election

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