Defend your neighbourhood
Mass rezoning will change our city forever
Spot rezoning at Knight & Kingsway has produced cement mazes that block sun and sky
A Nanaimo & Kingsway corner has been rezoned to allow the building of a 22-story tower  
At 39th & Dunbar, green areas will be stripped from single-family lots to build multiple condos
City Hall has been spot rezoning to allow tall structures in residential areas

Now mass rezoning plans affect 18 Vancouver neighbourhoods
Kingsway & Knight has been rezoned
Norquay (2400 single-family lots, Gladstone to Killarney and 25th to 41st) may be next
17 other Vancouver neighbourhoods are to follow, among them:

Join our information picket at the door of City Hall  12th & Cambie

Insist that NO rezoning of your neighbourhood should occur without your approval.  Collective action prevented Council from fast tracking the approval of the rezoning of Norquay.  With less than a year before the civic elections, the NPA-dominated council is in a hurry to continue implementing their pro-developer agenda.

Council claims that it mass rezones to ‘implement’ the Community Visions collected years ago.  In fact, the rezoning proposals ignore and destroy major recommendations of these Visions.  

City Council’s ‘EcoDensity’ Charter – to be voted on by Council on February 26th-  deceptively sells densification for profit as livability, sustainability, and affordability.

EcoDensity Charter:  A lot about density, but not much about ‘Eco.’

Information: Call 604-879-3246

EcoDensity Information Picket at City Hall

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