Derrick has been active in progressive organizing activities for over a decade, volunteering on campaigns against child labour, for justice in the Middle East, in solidarity with Latin American social movements, and for ecological justice. Since 2002, much of his activist energy has
been directed towards ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is
co-chair of the Vancouver StopWar Coalition and a member of the steering committee of the Canadian Peace Alliance.

a writer and editor, Derrick has been involved in alternative media
efforts for a number of years, co-founding the on-line journal Seven
Oaks and contributing to a number of publications. As a teacher
(B.Ed., UBC 2006), he believes strongly in education that develops
critical thinking about the largely unspoken realities of our
class-divided society and world.

Derrick has worked and
volunteered on a number of progressive election campaigns, and believes
that social change requires real participatory democracy and inclusion.

Derrick O'Keefe, Member-At-Large

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