Count on COPE to Support Local Creative Economy through Co-Working Spaces, Lower Taxes and Artist SupportFor Immediate Release: Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

COPE City Council candidates RJ Aquino, Tim Louis and Ellen Woodsworth announced their support for the designation of 191 units of affordable and social housing in Area 2 of the quickly developing East Fraser Lands district.

In line with COPE’s overall housing affordability strategy, the candidates would like to see 20-25% of the entire development dedicated to non-market housing.

“In 2004, members of the East Fraser Lands came before Council and clearly indicated that they wanted to see affordable housing included in the area’s development,” said Woodsworth. “COPE has been working with the community since that time, and will continue to work with them, to ensure that this goal is met.”

“COPE is committed to working with residents, community stakeholders, fellow City Councillors and City Hall civil servants to ensure that affordable housing is included as part of the overall East Fraser Lands development project,” said Aquino.

“You can count on COPE to create inclusive communities, that are affordable and accessible to families, seniors, immigrants, students and people on income assistance,” he added.

“COPE supports the formation of an East Fraser Lands resident’s housing affordability working group and is committed to working with them to create strategies for including affordable housing in the district’s development,” continued Louis. “You can count on COPE to continue advocating for the community’s interests at City Hall.”

COPE’s support compliments its overall housing affordability strategy that calls for the creation of an ‘Affordability Crisis Commission’ charged with determining the extent of the housing crisis in Vancouver and recommending positive solutions; strengthening the anti-conversion by-law by defining affordability as being affordable to those on government assistance; and ensuring meaningful inclusionary zoning by-laws are applied to all new Vancouver developments – a minimum of 20% affordable housing for any new development over six stories.

COPE is also committed to creating a Vancouver Housing Authority charged with buying and selling units at the cost of construction and taking an aggressive lead on affordable home creation.

Count on COPE to Support Local Creative Economy through Co-Working Spaces, Lower Taxes and Artist Support