For Immediate Release: Monday, October 17th, 2011

COPE City Council Candidate Tim Louis unveiled commitments to Vancouver transit riders while meeting voters at Broadway and Commercial SkyTrain Stations Monday morning. Louis wants to increase and improve bus service on Vancouver routes while freezing transit fares.

“Too often transit riders are waiting too long for overcrowded buses,” said COPE City Council Candidate Tim Louis. “Riders can count on COPE to make increased and improved bus service the first priority for Vancouver’s transit system.”

COPE’s plans for better transit service include expanded bus service and working with Translink to equip buses with a traffic light control so when buses approach an intersection the light would be frozen green until the bus had cleared the intersection. Traffic light and transit coordination is already in place in Vancouver’s downtown core and North-South along Granville; COPE’s plan would expand this initiative East-West along Broadway for the 99 B-line.

“Let’s explore all options to keep Vancouver transit riders moving,” said Louis. “Let’s look at how other cities have increased capacity and improved efficiency of their transit systems. COPE will urge Translink to undertake a comprehensive study of the feasibility of double articulated buses a long Broadway. These buses could have a 200-person capacity and are used in some cities along high volume routes.”

“If implemented these buses would eliminate the situation of overcrowded buses passing by stops with people already impatiently waiting,” added Louis.

“COPE will also work in partnership with transit advocacy groups to aggressively lobby Translink to freeze bus fares,” said Louis. “There should be no barrier for anyone in Vancouver to making the environmentally sustainable choice.”

COPE’s platform commitments focus on creating a public transit system that encourages drivers to get out of their cars by addressing the speed, cost, and capacity of Vancouver buses. Louis noted increasing transit efficiency is essential to addressing air quality concerns and the continuing threat of climate change.

“Buses are the back bone of our public transit system,” said Louis. “We need more buses moving more smoothly to meet the needs of Vancouver commuters. Riders remain frustrated with buses stuck in traffic jams, and waiting for signals to turn green.”

“We must create a transit system for everyone,” added Louis. “Our atmosphere can’t handle our car culture any longer – it is time we take action now before it is too late.”

Count on COPE to Improve Bus Service, Freeze Fares