For Immediate Release: November 3rd, 2010

Vancouver City Council will vote tomorrow morning on a motion by COPE Councillor Ellen Woodsworth that would streamline support for small businesses in the City of Vancouver. "Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and right now they are facing challenging times," said Woodsworth. "This motion would create a ‘one stop shop’ small business centre and help the City and small businesses work together more efficiently to grow our local economy."

The motion would help establish a single destination for small businesses supports and services including permitting and applications, referrals, city programs, advice from staff, and other critical functions that benefit small business in Vancouver.

Councillor Woodsworth has previously pushed for other creative ways to support small business including introducing different tax brackets for small and large businesses, a proposal that was supported by the rest of Council but that the Provincial government refuses to act upon. "We need to keep finding new and creative ways to deepen the Vancouver advantage for our small businesses and I hope the rest of Council can get behind this," said Woodsworth.

Councillor Woodsworth spent weeks consulting with local small business owners, business improvement associations, and other small business organizations in Vancouver during the drafting of the motion. "I think consultation is key. We can do a great deal when we work together in a respectful way – that’s something I think people in this city want to see more of."

The motion will come before Council at Thursday morning’s City Services and Budgets meeting which begins at 9:30am at City Hall.

You can find the full motion here:

Councillor Woodsworth Pushes to Streamline Support for Small Business