At this week’s city council meeting, COPE Councillor Cadman will be bringing forward a motion on increased free scooter and motorcycle parking.

It asks that parking and engineering staff initiate a revenue-neutral by-law change to free-up street parking by designating free parking for motorized scooters and motorcyles.

According to Councillor Cadman, this initiative is “consistent with the Greenest City Initiative which has a mandate to reduce carbon output. As motorized scooters use up to 90 percent less gasoline than automobiles and motorcycles are much better on fuel-use than cars, it makes sense for us to encourage residents to switch to more environmentally friendly modes of transportation.”

According to Ian Tootill, a motorcyclist who suggested the motion, “there is very little on-street parking available on Vancouver roadways, forcing motorized cycle operators to find innovative solutions which are often illegal and sometimes dangerous. Scooters and motorcyles regularly encounter problems when currently parking because other vehicle operators often do not see them which results in increased auto insurance rates.”

Best practices in neighboring cities with similar transportation challenges to Vancouver ‘s (including San Francisco , Portland and Toronto ) all have established free and abundant parking to encourage and acommodate scooter and motorcycle use.

The motion calls for an initial report back from staff.

Councillor Cadman brings scooter and motorcycle parking motion