Immediate Release: July 9, 2009

At today’s July 9 Services and Budgets Council Committee (CS &B), two of COPE’s motions were brought forward.

The two motions were:

1) Council Endorsement of Coventry Declaration (on human rights and the Olympics) — original version available HERE.
While council didn’t endorse the Coventry Declaration (only Councilors
Woodsworth and Cadman voted in favour of this this portion of the
motion), it did commit that:

City of Vancouver is committed to ensuring that all Canadians have a
fundamental right to security of the person as well as freedom of
expression, which are enshrined in the Canada’s Charter of Rights and

write a letter to senior levels of government, VANOC and the Vancouver
Integrated Security Unit requesting them to publically reaffirm their
committment to security of the person and freedom of expression, in
light of recent concerns from the public about intimidation in the
lead-up to the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

concerns remain about civil liberties with regard to the Olympics and
Councillor Woodsworth has requested that the head of the ISU return to
council to speak to these concerns. This will take place after the BC
Civil Liberties Association makes a request for information from the
Provincial and Federal governments. COPE is committed to continuing to
press this issue.

2) Request for Provincial Timeline for Development of 14 Supportive Housing Sites available HERE was deferred until the fall.    

to Councilor Woodsworth, “given the very recent progress that staff
have made in their discussions with BC Housing and the Provincial
government, it is reasonable to allow more time on this issue. However,
it is crucial that we get a timeline soon to give all of us some
comfort that affordable housing will be built to deal with the housing
crisis in our city.”

— 30 —

Information: Rachel Marcuse, COPE 604-312-9057,
Council Update — July 9, 2009

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