Yesterday, at Vancouver City Council, COPE Councillor Woodsworth brought a motion asking the city to write a letter to the International Olympic Committee to voluntarily abide by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  It passed unanimously.

The letter was in response to a recent court decision, which determined that the IOC discriminated against female ski jumper by barring them from participating in the 2010 Games. However, the court decision also found that the IOC is not legally governed by the Charter.

"IOC showed leadership in urging China to follow human rights guidelines with regard to their implementation of the Beijing Olympics" says Woodsworth. “We’re asking them to show the same leadership with regard to respecting our charter and the implications it has for women ski jumpers.”

She continues, “discrimination should not be allowed by either government or private actors. The IOC should live up to the rules and standards of their hosts and I’m pleased that the City of Vancouver has taken a principled stance on this issue.”

Council unanimously passes Woodsworth’s motion on the IOC and women ski jumpers

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