COPE Park Commissioner Spencer Herbert welcomed news that CUPE 15 workers would down picket lines at the Ray Cam Community Centre so that children in need could attend the centre’s day care services.  "This is not an easy decision for a union to make, but I believe they have done the right thing for the families in the neighbourhood, and especially for the kids who rely on their support."
CUPE 15 workers have had to look after children who had no place else to go while on the picket line. "I’m proud of our staff, and their commitment to the community.  I hope the Mayor will show some commitment now too, and return to the bargaining table with a counterproposal so we can end this strike." Herbert said.
The Mayor has refused to respond to CUPE 15’s latest offer.  "Negotiations are about give and take.  Here today we saw the union give a bit for the good of the community.  I’m hoping all sides can follow this lead and get our community centres, pools, and parks running again." Herbert said.

COPE's Herbert welcomes union's support for Ray Cam parents

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