For Immediate Release
18 February 2013

The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) held its annual policy conference this past weekend at the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library, where the party’s membership created and approved policy directions to guide COPE’s platform development as it looks ahead to the 2014 election.

Policy directions included:
  • a plan to increase transit ridership by reducing fares by 50% over 10 years — based on the ‘Zurich model’
  • amnesty from enforceable arrest warrants for women seeking police protection from violence and abuse
  • pushing for the right for sex workers to organize
  • the elimination of by-laws used by the Vancouver Police Department to police low-income and vulnerable people from public space
  • looking into the creation an urban aboriginal position on COPE’s Executive
  • the implementation of COPE’s 2012 Affordable Housing Report

“I’m so excited at the direction COPE’s membership is taking the organization. More than ever COPE is the only party that will fight for the people of Vancouver, not just the corporations and the wealthy. Our policy ensures that we will reduce transit fares, we will protect renters’ rights and stop renovictions, and we will go to bat for parents who need accessible and affordable childcare,” said former COPE councilor Tim Louis.

Equity was a key principle that wove through all COPE policies. COPE is committed to ensuring that women, LGBT, aboriginal people, low-income, immigrants, seniors, students, and all marginalized people have more of a say in how their city is run.

For over 40 years, COPE’s election platform has been developed by the membership through such meetings. COPE is the only major civic party in Vancouver whose policy is created democratically.

For information contact:
Sean Antrim

COPE’s annual policy conference a huge success: Party prepares groundwork for 2014 election, will present concrete plans and fight for a more affordable and inclusive Vancouver