Oakridge Preapproval


Tomorrow, City Council will vote on a recommendation from City Staff that they revise a rezoning application being put forward by Westbank Development and Ivanhoe Cambridge. The report also recommends that the City accept a payment instead of parks space that was promised 30 years ago.

The report also recommends, based on a request from Vision-led City Council in 2012, that 14% of the social housing requirements be replaced with market rental units. 30% of households in the Oakridge neighbourhood are core-need, according to the City’s own Oakridge Centre Report completed in 2007. Since then, the affordability crisis has worsened significantly.

COPE’s Tim Louis said: “This proposal will create hundreds of millions of dollars in value with the rezoning, but the City is only going to get 150 units of social housing out of over 2800 total units. Westbank contributed over ten thousand dollars Vision Vancouver in 2011 alone, and this recommendation, before the public is heard at a hearing, is a gift to the developer at the expense of the affordability needs of the Oakridge neighbourhood and the rest of the City.”

COPE is calling on the City to follow its previous commitments and policies to make 20% of the project’s units affordable to the 30% core-need individuals in the neighbourhood, who are paying more than a third of their income on housing.


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COPE worries Oakridge project won't meet neighbourhood's affordable housing needs