Vision Vancouver’s practice of supporting development even when it means destroying affordable housing and replacing it with unaffordable housing needs to stop. Tax breaks for developers, such as those proposed in Tuesday’s Secured Market Rental Housing Policy, are an ineffective way to produce real affordable housing.

COPE’s Ellen Woodsworth said: “Market rental units are incredibly unaffordable for working people in the City, Vancouver Council should not be subsidizing developers to build unaffordable housing. Both young and old are being forced out of the city. COPE will build housing that is actually affordable and stop the loss of affordable rental.”

Time and time again, housing affordability is the number one priority for people living in Vancouver. A COPE council will achieve this through the Vancouver Public Housing Authority, which would build housing with rents that are tied to incomes, and by stopping the loss of existing affordable rental through strata conversions and renovictions.


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Ellen Woodsworth 604-328-8230

COPE Will Build Affordable Housing and Stop the Loss of Existing Affordable Rental