COPE School Trustees Al Blakey and Allan Wong say NPA trustees refuse to debate why schools in Premier Gordon Campbell’s riding given priority for earthquake upgrading.

The NPA dominated school board has postponed this week’s regularly scheduled Planning and Facilities (Committee 11) meeting of the board on Tuesday, October 7, 2008.

“NPA trustees are running away from this issue as fast as they can,” said Bill Bargeman, a COPE school board candidate.” We are seeing, once again, the lack of accessibility and openness by NPA trustees on key issues.”

This meeting, if convened, could discuss for the first time the new and controversial Neighbourhoods of Learning (NoL) “pilot” project placed in city schools by Premier Gordon Campbell during the first week of September. Representatives of various stakeholder groups, including parents, teachers, support staff, principals and senior board officials will be engaged.

Located in Queen Mary and General Gordon (both in the premier’s riding) and Strathcona schools, NoL has been sharply criticized by parents for its abuse of process and authority. Established provincial seismic rules have been changed by this direct intervention from the Premier’s office.

This NPA-dominated board has allowed the premier’s office to ride roughshod over the board’s own process and issues such as fairness and priority-listing of schools have been thrown to the wind in order to quell political unrest in Premier Campbell’s Point Grey riding,” said long-time COPE Trustee, Al Blakey.

We are responsible for administering these schools and up to now we have been left in the dark. So too has the broader school community, particularly on funding, duration and community access to school facilities,” said COPE Trustee Allan Wong.

“I am shocked by NPA trustees who have abdicated their leadership role and become mere observers in this process.”

COPE trustees plan to put forward a motion at tonight’s board meeting (October 6) calling for the convening of the VSB’s Planning and Facilities meeting within the next two weeks.


溫哥華訊 – COPE學校局學務委員白籟奇(Al Blakey)和黃偉倫(Allen Wong)指出,無黨派協會(NPA)的學務委員拒絕就為何隸屬於卑詩省省長金寶爾(Gordon Campbell)選區的學校可以優先更新防震設施一事,進行辯論。


「無黨派協會學委對此議題避之唯恐不及,」COPE學務委員候選人巴吉曼(Bill Bargeman)表示:「我們又再一次看到,無黨派協會學務委員對於重要議題缺乏擔當和公開辯論的勇氣。」


溫哥華有三所小學被選定作為此新計劃的學習中心:女皇瑪麗小學(Queen Mary Elementary)、戈登將軍小學(General
Gordon Elementary School)(這兩所均屬於金寶爾省長選區)以及士達孔拿小學(Lord Strathcona

COPE資深學務委員白籟奇批評,無黨派協會所主導的學校局坐視省長辦公室操控學校局的內部程序,而且讓公平性和學校優先事項等議題被拋在一邊,其目的只是為了讓金寶爾省長在灰岬(Point Grey)選區取得政治優勢。




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COPE Trustees  Al Blakey and Allan Wong, 604-255-0400
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David Fields, COPE Communications, 604-722-4775

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