Members of COPE will decide whether to ratify an agreement that will have COPE, Vision Vancouver and the civic Green party field a cooperative slate of candidates for this November’s civic election. For more on the agreement, please go to  The full agreement will be available at the Sunday meeting.

The ratification meeting will begin at 3:30 pm, in the latter part of COPE’s 2008 Policy Conference, on Sun, Sept 14, 2008, at St James Community Hall, 3214 W 10 Ave, Vancouver.

All members in good standing (memberships can be renewed at the door) are eligible to vote.  Anyone who has been a member within the last two years, and who lives or works in Vancouver, can renew.

COPE members will also be considering and approving the policies and initiatives that will make up COPE’s 2008 Election Platform.  The policy meeting begins at 10:30 am.

Drafts of the policy papers are available at

What: Vote on Tentative Cooperative Agreement Between COPE, Vision Vancouver and the Civic Greens

When: 3:30 pm, Sun, Sept 14, 2008 (Policy Conference begins at 10:30 am)

Where: St James Community Sq, 3214 W 10 Ave, Van (at Trutch St)

More Information: COPE 604-255-0400,

COPE to vote on Cooperative Agreement between COPE, Vision Vancouver and civic Greens.

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