We denounce and condemn C-51 as not merely an assault on our liberties and democratic freedoms, but as legislation that has its basis in illegality. C-51 is both unconstitutional – in that it contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms- and is in violation of the U.N. Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

C-51 effectively makes Canada a police state, with abeyance of due process, rule of established law, or parliamentary over site.

By ignoring the charter, Mr. Harper’s government is acting outside the law, thus we ask that the Governor General declare the Harper government null and void and immediately call a general election.

Further COPE condemns Mr. Harper and the Conservative Government for violating international law by waging an illegal war against Syria. We remind Members of Parliament that contravention of International Law is a crime and that the International Criminal Court was established to prosecute persons complicit in illegal acts of war for what are, in effect, war crimes. Again, we call upon the Governor General to dissolve this government that is ignoring both Canadian and International Law and call an immediate general election.

COPE, the Coalition of Progressive Electors, declare our opposition to Stephen Harper and the Conservative government for their passage of Bill C-51.