This upcoming Wednesday staff from the Vancouver Board of Education are putting forward a plan that would have all 40 remaining High-Risk Vancouver schools  in need of seismic upgrades to receive them within the next 7 years. The Coalition of Progressive Electors supports the proposed plan. Moreover, COPE encourages all Vancouver MLAs to appreciate the need for agreeing on a mutually committed plan to ensure the remaining at High-Risk schools are seismically upgraded.

COPE’s Gwen Giesbrecht said: “Given the province and Vancouver Board of Education agree all seismic upgrades should be completed by 2020, we support both levels of government working co-operatively and expeditiously to reach the mutually agreed upon goals.”

The policy is one for which COPE has fought for years.

“Not only is it an issue of safety and security of our students and staff, but it is also an issue of fiscal responsibility to ensure our buildings are maintained in an responsible and effective manner. The Province and the District must understand the maintenance budget and lifecycle costing of school projects. Left to deteriorate, our schools will cost more to maintain and repair in the future.  As it stands the quality of our facilities are deteriorating due to chronic underfunding of the Annual Facilities Grant” urged COPE School Trustee Allan Wong and the COPE Education Committee.

In 2011, VFA estimated the cost to address immediate maintenance requirements of Vancouver Schools to be $468 million. By 2017 these maintenance expenses are expected to climb to $632 million.

For more information contact:

Allan Wong – 604-437-6074

Gwen Giesbrecht – 604-876-8571


COPE supports Vancouver Board of Education seismic upgrades plan