The Coalition of Progressive Electors is disappointed that a six month moratorium on the demolition of Riley Park could not be agreed to last night by the Vancouver Park Board. COPE was on record during the past municipal election as supporting a moratorium so that all other options for the building could be thoroughly considered.

Brent Granby, COPE’s Park Board Caucus Chair, said that with the rapidly changing size and demographics of the neighbourhood along with the impending Little Mountain redevelopment, it made sense to at least have that conversation. Granby also stressed COPE’s longstanding opposition to the privatization of public assets. “What we cannot have happen are private interests taking advantage of public assets and coming into direct competition with the Park Board.”

“Unfortunately, we won’t fully know what the community could have come up with now that they don’t have the time,” added Granby.

Donalda Greenwell-Baker, also a member of the Park Board Caucus, said that attention should now turn to the redevelopment of Little Mountain. “We now need to make sure the community gets what it needs and deserves out of that redevelopment.”

COPE Statement on Riley Park Demolition