Immediate Release: June 26, 2009

COPE Councillors Ellen Woodsworth and David Cadman are outraged over the provincial government’s inaction on housing today as Little Mountain demolition permits are ready to be issued.

They are incensed over four areas on housing where the Campbell liberals have failed to act. The first is the lack of any progress on the 14 housing sites. The City has met its obligations to ensure that the six sites covered in the 2007 deal as well as the additional two sites are ready for ground to be broken. However, nothing has happened and the government has provided no timeline for action.

The second issue is Housing Minister Coleman’s out-of-touch response to the City of Vancouver’s request for changes to the Residential Tenancy Act (attached). The changes requested are to prevent Olympic and other unfair evictions. According to Councillor Woodsworth “apparently, Minister Coleman doesn’t believe that any unfair evictions are taking place which shows just how little the province is listening to what is happening in Vancouver.”

The third issue is the lack of funding from the provincial government to the HEAT shelters. According to Councillor Cadman, “police incidents have gone down considerably and if the shelters close, these people will have no place to go.”

The lack of funding for HEAT is also connected to the fourth failure to act on affordable housing – the imminent demolition of Little Mountain Housing. According to Woodsworth: “the provincial government does not seem interested in continued funding for HEAT and all of this while hundreds of units remain vacant at Little Mountain Housing with Vancouver in the midst of an affordable housing and homelessness crisis. Over a thousand people are still homeless and 15,000 people are on the BC Housing wait list. It’s truly disgraceful.”

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Information: Rachel Marcuse, COPE 604-312-9057

COPE slams provincial government over failures to act on housing

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