COPE School Trustees called today for a BC budget that puts education front and centre. In light of Premier Gordon Campbell’s announcement that the provincial government would not be able to balance the budget, COPE Trustee Jane Bouey wants the upcoming budget to be a creative one. “The only way to insure long-term strength in BC is to concentrate support for social investments – investing in education is a great way to do this.”

School Trustee, Al Blakey, noted that while the provincial government can pass a law allowing them to run a deficit budget, the Vancouver School Board doesn’t have the same luxury. “The good news is that the Premier has recognized how important education spending is during a recession. The bad news is that unless we see more funding in Vancouver, it’s still going to mean more cuts. Even the status quo means more cuts for our kids due to inflation.”

With the Premier’s announcement that BC will plunge into deficit, the need for spending to benefit future generations is increasingly important. “If today’s students are paying for tomorrow’s debt, we need to make sure the upcoming budget helps their future,” said Trustee Allan Wong. “A good first step would be putting an end to these annual school board budget cuts.”

Jane Bouey pointed to academics and policy experts who have expressed the need for serious investments in education as way to build strong and healthy communities. “Our government in Victoria keeps talking about keeping BC strong, but cutting education every year just doesn’t make sense.”

COPE School Trustees call for a budget with social investment and education funding

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