night, at the Vancouver Board of Education, COPE School Trustee, Jane
Bouey, brought a motion recognizing the International Day for Climate
Action (Oct 24).

"Climate Change is the most urgent issue
facing our planet", says Bouey. "It is easy to feel helpless when
facing such an overwhelming danger. The International Day for Climate
Action (October 24) is a day when the Vancouver School Board can join
millions of people around the world to demand real climate action."

recognizes that simply recognizing the International Day for Climate
Action is not enough: "Our District is already taking a multitude of
steps to reduce our Carbon Footprint including retrofitting to energy
efficient light fixtures, windows and heating systems. New school
buildings such as Charles Dickens Elementary utilize technology like
geothermal heating and rainwater toilets" However, some of this type of
work is on hold, with the elimination of the Annual Facility Grant:
"this is yet another reason why the elimination of the AFG was such a
blow to our district and others around the province” says Bouey.

great deal of the most innovative work is being initiated by students
and teachers in the schools. "Trustees are largely aware of the work
being done at the District Level as we get regular reports on that
work", Bouey says. "This is why the motion also calls for reports on
initiatives at the school level."

According to Councillor David
Cadman, who will be attending the climate talks in Coppenhagen as an
appointee of Metro Vancouver and President of ICLEI: local governments
for sustainability, "the International Day on Climate Change is an
excellent lead-up to the climate talks. It’s crucial that local
governments — including school boards — take a position on one of the
most important issues facing us today."

The motion passed unanimously.

COPE School Trustee brings motion on International Day for Climate Action

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