COPE Says Imposing Teacher Contract Undermines Education SystemFor Immediate Release: February 27, 2012

“Parents, students and the entire education community should call on Education Minister George Abbott to request mediation in the dispute between the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and its employer,” says COPE School Trustee Allan Wong.

“Students have borne the brunt of a decade of drastic cuts in their classrooms. Class sizes have grown and resources, especially for students with special needs, have decreased at an alarming rate. We need to appreciate teachers’ work and respectfully address their issues across the bargaining table. Our public education system does not need more confrontation and tension.”

COPE’s Wong commented after hearing from the Liberal government that legislation is being prepared to impose a collective agreement on teachers. Wong said that such a move undermines collective bargaining rights and ensures further tension, distrust and frustration among Vancouver’s teachers.

Former COPE school trustee, Jane Bouey, called on parents to communicate their concerns to Minister George Abbott as often and as soon as they can in order to avoid further disruption to their children’s education and to support the teachers who make our education system as good as it is in these times of government cutbacks.

COPE Says Imposing Teacher Contract Undermines Education System