COPE candidates joined bus riders this morning on the 99 B-Line from the busy Broadway Station to listen to their concerns and to roll-out COPE’s transit policy. Transit operators were also on hand informing bus passengers of their More Buses Now! campaign.

"Our transit system is broken. We are short on buses, short on frequent service and short on sustainable funding," said COPE Cllr David Cadman. "I have heard from voters this morning how important transit service is to them. COPE is committed to fixing the transit system and to putting more buses on the road now."

In 2007, one in four Vancouver commuters used public transit to go to work, school and stores. Bus riders say they would use the transit more if service was frequent, fast and affordable. As transit operators have pointed out, only 12 per cent of Vancouver bus routes have frequent service, compared to 58 per cent in Toronto.

"People want to use transit but the system doesn’t serve their needs," said COPE Council Candidate Ellen Woodworth. "I heard from a gentleman who gave up his car over a year ago but now he is considering buying another car because transit isn’t good enough. If we are to ask people to drive less then we must provide them with a workable solution."

Stories from the B-Line will be an ongoing theme for the election campaign. Voter feedback received by candidates will appear online at

COPE’s transit priorities include:

-Call for an immediate increase of bus service in Vancouver;
-Create an official Free Bus loop that includes Downtown and the Broadway Corridor between
Main St. and Burrard St.;
-Advocate for ongoing sustainable investment in transit infrastructure with a comprehensive financing formula;
-Work with TransLink to implement a student U-pass system for all Metro Vancouver post secondary students similar to that currently in place for students at UBC and SFU;
-Demand that TransLink to create a fare review process that includes an advisory panel of users groups, community organizations, transit operators and other stakeholders in determining fare rates

Information: Dave Fields, COPE Communications, 604-722-4775

COPE Rolls Out Transit Policy

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