As the dust begins to settle around the Athlete’s Village scandal, COPE has released a new YouTube video to help avoid a dust-up of another kind. A departure from the light hearted Vote Beard, this latest video, Last Will and Testament, tackles head-on the high stakes of seismic safety of Vancouver’s schools.

“The NPA School Board  has put the lives of students at risk by ignoring the issue of seismic safety of our schools,” said Alvin Singh. “Another three years of a NPA board could be catastrophic.”

Five years ago, Vancouver student leaders and parents held a press conference at Lord Kitchener School  to let the school board and provincial government know Vancouver’s schools are at risk of catastrophic damage and  urgent action is needed. 35,000 Vancouver students are spending their days in unsafe schools. The majority of schools in Vancouver are  a medium or high earthquake risk.

The former COPE School Board identified 16 schools for seismic fast-tracking. However, under the  subsequent NPA board,  none of those 16 schools have been upgraded. Many haven’t even been started.

“This well crafted and provocative new video makes it clear what is at stake regarding the earthquake-proofing of our schools,” said Singh. “This issue is clearly a priority for everyone except the NPA who seem to want to gamble with the lives of our children and students. A COPE/Vision Scool Board will mean safer schools.”

Last Will and Testament can be seen here:

The videos were produced for COPE by Nathan Lusignan and Evan Crowe.
Director/Producer Evan Crowe is an alumni of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre. His most recent short film "The Morning Party" played recently at the Vancouver International Film Festival and can next be seen at the upcoming Whistler Film Festival.
Nathan Lusignan wrote and co-produced COPE’s English language campaign videos. He is a community developer for the Vancouver School Board and a member of the COPE executive. Nathan has almost a decade of experience in traditional and guerilla media work including his role in building the campaign for school seismic safety.

COPE Releases Provocative Earthquake School YouTube Video