In a time of back-to-back-to-back election campaigns, COPE has a cure for ‘electile’ dysfunction. Two videos, the first release in a series, offer an irreverent look at Vancouver politics that will amuse and  engage election fatigued voters to get it on and Vote COPE on November 15.

“I urge everyone to see this video,” said David Cadman’s Beard. “Tell your friends to see it and Vote Beard on November 15.”

The first video, Vote Beard, pokes fun at COPE’s reputation as a party of  “grey beards”, casting the celebrated beard of COPE Cllr David Cadman in the lead role. Through its powerful use of imagery and  deft conveyance of the “facts”, the video leaves no doubt that Cadman and his beard are integral to a green and progressive Vancouver. Vote Beard continues to grow on audiences even after several viewings and may very well start  a new fashion craze. On November 15, Vancouver could shed Peter Ladner and his NPA like so many crumbs from David Cadman’s beard.

The second video, Don’t Vote for Dinosaurs, takes a hard look at the proposal by Jurassic NPA Park Board Commissioners to put animatronic dinosaurs into Vancouver parks. The masterful use of tension matched by fearsome special effects leaves the viewer quaking in disbelief at the primitive politics of the NPA. This video alone could very well propel the NPA to the Land of the Lost.

Get your cure for electile dysfunction at: (Vote Beard) (Don’t Vote for Dinosaurs)

The videos were produced for COPE by Nathan Lusignan and Evan Crowe.

Director/Producer Evan Crowe is an alumni of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre. His most recent short film “The Morning Party” played recently at the Vancouver International Film Festival and can next be seen at the upcoming Whistler Film Festival.

Nathan Lusignan wrote and co-produced COPE’s English language campaign videos. He is a community developer for the Vancouver School Board and a member of the COPE executive.

Nathan has almost a decade of experience in traditional and guerilla media work including his role in building the campaign for school seismic safety.
Information: Dave Fields, COPE Communications, 604-722-4775

COPE Releases Cure for ‘Electile’ Dysfunction