This morning the Coalition of Progressive Electors released its own preliminary recommendations for increasing housing affordability and decreasing homelessness in Vancouver.

COPE feels that the new housing recommendations put forward by the Mayor’s Task Force will do little to increase affordability, and that the residents of Vancouver deserve better. The COPE Housing Affordability Committee has been working to come up with plans that it feels the City should adopt.

COPE’s Tim Louis said: “You can’t expect to get affordable housing when developers are in charge. You wouldn’t put the oil and gas industry in charge of regulating the environment, so why would you put the development industry in charge of housing affordability?”

A press confence was held this morning at 9am on the North steps of City Hall to release COPE’s recommendations.

COPE’s Ellen Woodsworth said: “This task force completely excludes people who make less that $21,500 per year. This makes up twenty percent of Vancouver’s population. The people who are too poor for this Task Force are the people who are most impacted by the affordability crisis. This means immigrants, students, seniors, and people on fixed incomes. To build a just city, we need to focus on these people first.”

The recommendations can be downloaded here.

For more information contact:


Tim Louis
H: 604-738-0405
O: 604-732-7678

Ellen Woodsworth
C: 604-328-8230

COPE Releases Affordability Report