As the plan for the removal of the Dunsmuir and Georgia Viaducts is further released to the public, COPE has developed some serious reservations about the future use of the site where the viaducts sit. COPE is also concerned about who will pay for the cost of the viaducts’ removal, and who will reap the benefits of subsequent development.

“We need to know the real reasons behind the removal of the viaducts,” cautioned COPE’s Tim Louis. “A large part of the land surrounding the viaducts is owned by Concord and Aquilini development. Why hasn’t council committed to capturing the increase in the land value on those sites? If council sells the land to pay for the viaducts’ demolition, we’ll be losing a valuable city asset in that land, and for what?”

There have been no real commitments to build real affordable housing on the site. While the steps being taken are not a final decision on the fate of the viaducts, COPE urges City Council to make some assurances that the viaduct removal won’t just be another instance of Vision Vancouver returning favours to their financial backers.


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COPE questions Vision's viaduct plan