The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) has published a discussion paper entitled “Ending the Housing Crisis: International Best Practices for Creating a Vancouver Housing Authority.”

The paper looks at Housing Authorities in six cities from around the world: Toronto, New York City, Singapore, Hong Kong, Stockholm, and Vienna, and puts forward ten recommendations for creating a Housing Authority in Vancouver.

The report is available at:

COPE’s Executive Director Sean Antrim said: “In 2008, Gregor Robertson campaigned on ending homelessness in Vancouver. After six years, homelessness is now the highest it’s ever been. Renters pay the most unaffordable rents on the continent. This report looks at what other cities have done to address their housing crises. This should have been Robertson’s first step.”

A one-page overview of the reports’ highlights will be released at 10am PST.

COPE publishes report on creating a Vancouver Housing Authority