Notice of COPE Policy Conference

You are invited to COPE’s 2008 Policy Conference to be held at 10:30 am, on September 14 at the St James Community Square, 3214 W 10th Ave (at Trutch) in Vancouver.

At the Policy Conference all COPE members in good standing will be able to consider and approve the policies and initiatives that will make up COPE’s 2008 Election Platform.

Drafts of the policy papers are available at Comments, suggestions, and policy submissions can be made directly on the webpage by logging on as a user or sent to by Sept 3.

On September 14, members will also consider COPE Executive Board recommendations on plans for the election.

COPE Policy Process Goes Online

Taking a tip from the Facebook generation, COPE will be the first Vancouver civic party to use the internet and Facebook to develop its polices and election platform.

Draft policies ranging from transportation and taxes, to democracy at city hall and reinstating the city’s child and youth advocate, are now being posted on the COPE website where members and supporters can make comments, offer suggestions and submit further policy proposals.

"For the first time, we will be utilizing the full capability of the internet, Facebook groups and blogs to generate discussion and input on civic policies," said COPE organizer Rachel Marcuse. "In far too many cases in the past, policies and platforms were cobbled together in the proverbial back room by insiders and policy wonks. Now, with contemporary and open-source technology, that process is being democratized so that anyone who has access to a computer can get involved. And if you don’t have your own computer, you can go to a public library and use the public terminals."

COPE members traditionally debate and approve the policies that make up COPE’s election platform at all-day policy conferences. This year’s Policy Conference is scheduled for September 14.

"The difference this year is that people will come to the Policy Conference a lot more prepared and informed," said Marcuse. "Policy development is important – policy affects people’s lives in a very practical, day-to-day way – and the more informed our members are, the better the debate and discussion."

People have until September 3 to review the draft and submit their comments and ideas. At that time a COPE policy committee will review the feedback before preparing final recommendations that will go to the full membership at the September 14 COPE Policy Conference.

To access the draft policies, click here.

COPE Policy Conference — notice and process now online!

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