Immediate Release: September 9, 2009

Vancouver city council today, the City of Vancouver passed COPE
Councillor Woodsworth’s motion on restoring the devastating BC Liberal
cuts to arts and culture investment.

The motion was amended by Councillor Louie to include issues such as childcare, education and library cuts.

Woodsworth states, “I am pleased that my motion was passed and now
includes other sectors hard-hit by the BC Liberal budget cuts. The BC
Liberals want us to fighting between sectors and we are determined not
to go down that path.”

She continues, “at COPE, we want to recognize the
particularly immense cuts being faced by the arts and culture community
and will be doing everything we can to support them.”

Councillor Woodsworth’s commentary on the arts cuts can be seen here:

She will speaking at the Arts Strike rally tomorrow (Wed) at noon at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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COPE pleased that City of Vancouver takes a position on arts and culture cuts

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