Immediate Release: December 15, 2009

Last night, COPE Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock voted against the proposals to send out Requests for Expressions of Interest for the Bloedel Conservatory and Stanley Park Children’s Farmyard.

Both sites are on the chopping block due to budget cuts passed down from Vancouver City Council to the Park Board.

However, according to Commissioner Woodcock, privatization isn’t the solution: “what’s frustrating here is that both sites could be saved if the City made a decision to forgo their tax shift from businesses to residents and instead instituted a very modest tax increase across the board.”

She continues, “what we’ve seen in the past with privatization is an increase in user fees and a replacement of living wages for employees to barely subsistence levels. These are two valuable iconic attractions and I ask that City Council support us in keeping them funded and in-house. When you privatize, you can’t go back.”

COPE city councilor, Ellen Woodsworth, will be making an amendment to the city budget on Thursday motion on Thursday to cancel the tax shift.

COPE opposes the privatization of the Bloedel Conservatory and Stanley Park Children’s Farmyard