COPE Says Artist Space Targets Fall ShortFor Immediate Release: February 20, 2012

Following a packed Annual General Meeting with over 300 members in attendance, the Coalition of Progressive Electors welcomed a new executive.

Elected to the executive were:

RJ Aqunio as External Chair (previously a member at large)
Sarena Talbot as Internal Chair (continuing the same role)
Donalda Greenwell-Baker as Recording Secretary (continuing the same role)
Kim Hearty as Corresponding Secretary (newly elected)
Aaron Eddie as Treasurer (newly elected, former COPE staff member)
Kate Van Meer-Mass as Membership Secretary (previously a member at large)
David Chudnovsky as Fundraiser (continuing the same role)
Anita Romaniuk as Member at Large (newly elected)
Richard Marquez as Member at Large (newly elected)
Tristan Markle as Member at Large (newly elected)
Wilson Munoz as Member at Large (newly elected)
Ifny Lachance as Member at Large (newly elected)

“This new Executive reflects the diversity of the COPE membership and combines years of experience on the executive with fresh new leadership and energy,” said newly elected External Chair RJ Aquino. “We are looking forward to continuing COPE’s history of advocating for affordable housing and social and environmental justice.”

COPE Members Welcome New Executive