Meena Wong expressed concerns regarding the new Temporary Modular Housing plans. She told the council that shelters and temporary housing are not homes and asked the council to direct the staff to research on how temporary, small housing units impact on residents’ mental wellbeing. She also reports that other speakers:

asked the council to consider that the Temporary Modular Housing will not build on existing green space in the city, will have common space for meetings, will be accessible to people with disabilities, will have units large enough for families. Many agreed with the speaker who wanted the city to hold real public consultation for the rezoning process with not just home owners but also renters in the affected areas. Many also applauded when the speaker asked the council why ALL proposed Temporary Modular Housing sites are on the East side of Vancouver and none on the West side?

On other issues, Marilyn Hogan also spoke against the new tall tower proposal for Joyce which was not addressed until very late in the evening. Apparently council will be deciding on that application to Dec 14th – which means they will be doing so with no real chance for public input.

COPE members speak at City Hall