COPE Members Ratify Electoral Agreement with Vision VancouverFor Immediate Release: June 26, 2011

Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) members met Sunday and ratified the proposed electoral agreement with Vision Vancouver and the Green Party. The agreement provides for COPE to run three candidates for City Hall, four for School Board, and two for Parks Board.

“COPE members today voted to lock out the NPA for another three years. That’s critical in making sure Vancouver keeps moving forward and continues to work hard on progressive civic issues,” said External Co-Chair Marcus Youssef.

COPE’s Executive had unanimously recommended ratification of the agreement.

COPE Internal Chair Sarena Talbot congratulated the membership on the respectful and thoughtful debate. “I think we all recognize there is a lot of important work that remains to be done. This will be a critical election and our members are ready to go.”

COPE will hold its nomination meeting on September 18th to select candidates for the November municipal election. “We have been approached by many people interested in running for COPE this fall,” said Youssef. “That’s a great first indication that our campaign will be dynamic, exciting and successful.”

COPE Members Ratify Electoral Agreement with Vision Vancouver