In election campaigns it’s the politicians who do all the talking. So why are COPE candidates in the November 15 civic election talking less and listening more?

“We want to hear from the ordinary people of Vancouver and find out what is important to them,” said COPE school board candidate Alvin Singh. “As candidates we have our opinions and views, but what really matters is what the voters want us to do.”

Over the next three weeks, Singh and other COPE candidates will be hitting the streets to listen to voters in neighbourhoods across the city. Local residents will have a chance to tell the politicians what issues are crucial for them, what they want City Hall, Park and School boards to work on, and how they can get involved in civic decision making.

“It is important that Vancouver is a city that really works for everyone,” said COPE council candidate Ellen Woodsworth. “As a community housing activist, I see how hard it can be for citizens to get through to City Hall. That is why all of us who are running for civic office need to listen and hear what residents and voters are telling us is important to them.”

Woodsworth and Singh listened to voters in East Vancouver today who said:

“My Vancouver is a working class city. My Vancouver is not just for the big business interests. My Vancouver should be affordable for all, and all working for living wages.”

-Peter, Mt. Pleasant

“I am proud that Vancouver is a leader in arms reduction. But we need to stick it out with homelessness and rehabilitation initiatives. People are angry and disillusioned with social programs because they get cut off before they start—most people have given up all together on any change. To end this cycle … we need to empower and foster empathy in our youth by including them in decisions.

-Robert, Commercial Drive

“My Vancouver is not a playground for speculators. My Vancouver should be one in which all people are respected and housed; one in which we all can earn a living wage and in which all children can thrive.”                     

-Jennifer, East Vancouver

“Vancouver is populated by diverse and culturally vibrant citizens and situated in a spectacular environment surrounded by forest, mountains, streams and Ocean—our city should reflect these surroundings: it should be green, have affordable housing, and have cheap and adequate city transport.”

-Randi, Grandview Woodlands

Information: Dave Fields, COPE Communications, 604-722-4775

COPE Listens to Voters

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