The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) calls on Vision Vancouver to reduce the financial burden placed upon W2 by significantly reducing the annual amenity fee.

Former COPE City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth stated, “Woodward’s was promised to deliver an arts legacy to the Downtown Eastside low-income community. We need to preserve that legacy by working productively to support a financially sustainable W2 by re-evaluating the amenity fees imposed on this small organization fulfilling a broad mandate.”

COPE questions whether these required annual fees, often calculated at $7-9 per square foot, unnecessarily burden small non-profit organizations, forcing them to then operate for-profit business ventures to fund their primary mandate.

Former Councillor Woodsworth continued, “At a time when we have seen the City go to great lengths to support larger, more established arts organizations, we should be creative in how we foster the growth and long-term sustainability of smaller groups providing affordable and accessible community arts programming and training, especially in the Downtown Eastside.”

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Ellen Woodsworth

COPE expresses support for struggling W2 arts hub, calls on City to re-evaluate burdensome fee structure