The Coalition of Progressive Electors expresses our profound sympathies and compassion for the loss of a sister within the Occupy Vancouver encampment in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. COPE’s candidates, members and supporters are deeply saddened by this tragic event and wish the family of the deceased and all participating in the demonstration our sincerest condolences.

COPE continues, as we have from the beginning, to support the goals and message of the Occupy movement around the world: democratizing the global economy and working towards true economic justice, equality, and environmental sustainability.

COPE urges officials at the city, fire department, police, and health care workers to work carefully, and in coordination, to ensure the health and safety of the Occupy Vancouver demonstrators and we are confident they will do so. The Occupy movement has been committed to non-violent action and peaceful dialogue. We urge them to continue these tactics and are confident they will do so.

We must continue to address homelessness, poverty and drug addiction. Vancouver has been at the forefront of making housing a top priority, yet there is still so much more work to do. It is also clear that Vancouver’s championing of the Insite supervised injection site has been a success, but with the facility at capacity, we need to expand harm reduction services to more parts of the city. Every drug overdose death is a preventable death, and it is the responsibility of us all, whether it is governments or protest organizers, to ensure everyone is kept safe.

COPE will continue to struggle for equality, social justice and environmental sustainability with our fellow citizens, in solidarity with Occupy movements around the world.

In the spirit of the global Occupy movement, COPE supports occupiers taking this movement beyond the Vancouver Art Gallery, to work with community groups, service agencies, resident-based neighbourhood councils, the trade union movement, churches, and environmental NGO’s and to bring together a new Solidarity Coalition.

COPE has been committed to progressive social change for more than 40 years. Beyond Election Day on November 19th, COPE will continue to fight for a Vancouver and a planet for everyone.

In Solidarity,

The Coalition of Progressive Electors


COPE Expresses Message of Sympathy and Solidarity to Occupy Vancouver