COPE Executive Minutes May 22 2018 (DRAFT|

175 East Hastings Vancouver

Present: Connie Hubbs, Gary Cristall, Esther Silva, Anita Romaniuk, Tristan Markle, Ajantha Dharmapala, Wendy Perdersen, Rider Cooey, John Ames (minutes) –

Aiden Sisler, Sara Sagai, Meena Wong (by phone)

Territorial Acknowledgement: Connie

Meeting start: 7PM

Agenda: Gary (M)/S/C

Previous Minutes: DRAFT by email –

Old Business: nil

Reports Co-Chairs Report: Connie and Rider •

April 16, 2018 Meeting with CUPE 15 President Warren Williams, Attended: Diana Day, John Yano and Connie Hubbs •

April 19, 2018 Meeting with VESTA and VSTA Presidents, Chloë McKnight and Katharine Shipley, Attended: Diana Day, John Yano and Connie Hubbs •

April 20, 2018 Meeting with Shauna Sylvester, Attended: Rider Cooey and Connie Hubbs •

April 23, 2018 Meeting with CUPE 391 President Aliza Nevarie, Attended: Rider Cooey and Connie Hubbs •

April 24, 2018 VDLC Sub Committee Attended: Derrick O’Keefe (For Team Jean) Anita Romaniuk, • Gary Cristal, Tristan Markle, John Ames, Rider Cooey and Connie Hubbs • April 28, 2018 Special Executive Meeting for VDLC Negotiations, Attended: Wendy Pedersen, Sara Sagaii, Konbii Nanjallah, Anita Romaniuk, Gary Cristal, John Ames, • Rider Cooey and Connie Hubbs • April 29, 2018 Social Justice May Day Festival, Attended: Gary Cristal, John Ames, Rider Cooey, Alan Cooper, Anita Romaniuk and Connie Hubbs • May 1, 2018 May Day Parade Anne Roberts, Gwen Giesbrech, John Yano, Anita Romaniuk, Alan Cooper

May 3, 2018 The City We Need Launch • May 3, 2018 Rankinfile Alan Cooper, Rider Cooey, Connie Hubbs, Carol Jerde • May 5, 2018 Vancouver at the Crossroads • May 6, 2018 VDLC Negotiations • May 16, 2018 Skype call with Patrick Condon NB: Tristan – Meeting with K. Steward tomorrow, May 23, independent mayoral candidate: questions to ask him – knowledgeable about COPE policies. Eendorse COPE candidates, support renter policies, housing, transit, addiction issues. Discussion of independent mayol candidates, electorial cooperation Motion: Rider – We will have a panel of independent mayorial candidates at the June 10th nominationing meeting – Patrick Condon, Shanuna Sylvester, Kennedy Steward. MSC

Report from VDLC Negotiating Team Tristan VDLC wanted to give council seats: Vision 4, One City 1, Greens 3, COPE 1, Jean Swanson Outcome to date: Vision 5 (plus mayor), One City 2 – Greens 3, COPE 1, Jean Swason 1: 12 seats endorsed. VDLC negotiating team to seek further clarifications regarding criticism of other parties. Report from Canadidate Search Commitee Connie: communicationg with candidates, Gwen Gesberg, John Lewin: Park Board; Diana Day: School Board; VDLC ok with Jean Swason running with COPE for two council seats; other COPE candidates for council: Anne Roberts, Darrek O’Keefe (aboriginal candidate) and Wes Idia(sp?) (aboriginal candidate). Finance: no report Fundraising: Gary Rowing Club Event Gary: 16 tickets sold – we have 150 total. Two ticket costs: $100 (w/dinner) and $20 (general 50th anniversary party). Tuesday June 26th 2018, Rowing Club. Donation of tickets, counts as 100% donation. Communications: Riaz – recommending COPE rebranding (social media, etc.) – Tristan: Ngaire Leach (Jean Swason communications) has 50% work capacity  Connie: proposal and cost breakdown needed from Ngaire – several proposals would be desirable. Rider: paramenters from the executive or communications committee needed: there may be need for a contiuum between ‘old COPE & new branding.’ Exec. Consensus – Communication Committee to meet within a week to finalize suggested communications’ changes. GMOC: Connie Meetings for 2018 on Policy Conference and Upcoming Nomination Meeting. Housing Comm: no report Membership: no report PCC: John – Housing policy still needs most work; Anita has commented online. Rider’s work on Harrassment Policy draft ready for this Thursday. Next PCC meeting Thursday May 24, 7PM, 911 West 21st, Vancouver. Outreach: Car Free Day (WestEnd) and 17th & Main St. July 1 Commercial, East Side Pride June 25. Drive Cafe (Graveley at Commercial), Saturday May 26, 12:30PM – 5PM meeting and talk with the candidates – council, school boad, park board. Other Business: Wendy: organizing Team Jean retreat: Team Jean volunteers working / meeting with COPE volunteers. Rider: looking for a big yard for Garden Party – July or August. Annoucements: none

Next Meeting: May 29th, (Location TBA),

June 5th Meeting adjourn: 8:45PM