COPE Executive Minutes April 15 2018 |

Sitka Square False Creek Housing Co-Op

Present: John Yano, Aiden Sisler, Connie Hubbs (Chair), Gary Cristall, Ajantha Dharmapala, Tristan Markle, Wendy Pedersen (by phone), Rider Cooey, Anita Romaniuk, Sara Sagai, Riaz Behra, Satie Shottha, John Ames (minutes), Alan Cooper (visitor) Regrets: Carol Jerde, Esther Silva, Meena Wong, Kombii Namjalha

Territorial Acknowledgement: Connie

Meeting start: 12:15PM

Agenda: MSC

Previous Minutes: MSC

Old Business: n/a

Reports Co-Chairs: Connie to forward.

VDLC May 6th 2018 meeting:

Motion – Anita: To strike a subcommittee to come up with a strategy to meet with with the VDLC May 6th 2018 and maintain communication with the executive throughout the process, holding an extra executive meeting prior to May 6th to ratify the the subcommittee recommendations.

Subcommittee comprised of: Connie, Rider, Gary, John Y., John A., Tristan, Aiden, Sam and invitation to any other interested members. MSC

Motion – Tristan: That COPE executive meet with the Greens to learn what Greens want in meeting with the VDLC May 6th 2018, and this meeting take place before the next executive meeting . MSC

To do’s for subsommittee: Google Doc: Tristan. Tristan to contact Pete Fry.

Subcommittee meeting at Connie’s Tuesday April 24, 2018 7pm.

Finance: Alan (for Carol) treasury (send in) – CJ still costing insurance for June 2018. Motion – Rider: Accept the treasury report: MSC

Fundraising (Connie to forward digital version): Wendy; Gary – 50th anniversary Rowing Club 200 participants, June 21 2018 fundraiser commmemorrative and candidate introductions. Expenses $9000, sell tickets $100 at each return $15000 all round best outcome. 150 tickets with opportunities for free tickets to those who can’t afford. Optional modifications: cheesecake raffling etc. to raise more funds.John Y. National Aboriginal Day – COPE previously criticized for holding event same day. We’d rather have straight cash from large donors, as net is $1200 as opposed to $600 for a dinner. Sam & Aiden – lower threshold allowing more people to participate; Wendy, a second event free, modelled on wider base of people – map ot Tuesday Apr 17th . Anita: COPE first party to ever run an Indigenous woman for Mayor in 1972. We want to publicise this.

Gary: not tied to this idea or model – we should however do a lot of free events. Aboriginal Day typically shuts down by early evening. John: Indigenous families may feel insulted. Riaz: Support COPE members/constituency who can support paying $100. If we go to 1AM we can have a more accessible opportunty. Sara: Not on Aboriginal Day – different campaign launch.

Motion – Gary: COPE 50th Vancouver Rowing Club with flexible dates for dinner. MSC

Outreach: Drive Coffee Bar May 26 – Katherine.

To do: Sam, coordinator outreach.

Communications: Riaz – good preliminary meeting: social media, launch, Derrick – run Twitter, 5000 COPE participants; election slogans; looking for recruits with more specific skills. SnapChat, other social media people in 20s use. Anita: fix FaceBook page – bi-election outed. John Y: Website has problematic issues – need to include all of our events in a timely manner. COPE Twitter accredited to Jennifer O’Keefe – we need someone good at Twitter analytics. Rider: we need a dedicated webauthor.

Candidate Search: Vetting process for candidates needs to be in place – we’ve been approached by three individuals. Tristen: advertise for an expression of interest for mayor. Riaz: populate committee now: Riaz, Connie, Aiden, Rider, Anita,  Sara, Sam, Tristan

Riaz to arrange via email.

GMOC: n/a Housing Comm:  n/a

Membership: n/a PCC: Meeting Thursday April 19th Four Sisters 7pm. To do: John will check with Wendy to confirm and email PCC.

New Business: n/a Annoucements: Harry Rankin Film DOXA. May 3rd Vancouver Playhouse & 8th SFU 148

West Hastings 2018 Leaflet.

Meet with Seattle based Economist advising NDP in June. Next Meeting: Connie’s home Saturday April – 911 west 21st 4pm

Meeting adjourned: 2:25PM