Coalition of Progressive Electors Executive Committee Minutes (DRAFT)

April 28 2018 |

911 West 21st Vancouver

Present: Ajantha Dharmapala, Carol Jerde, Rider Cooey, Connie Hubbs (Chair), Gary Cristall, Wendy Pedersen, Sara Sagai, John Ames (minutes), Tristan Markle, Anita Romaniuk Regrets: Ester Silva, Meena Wong, Kombi Namjalha, Aiden Sisler, John Yano

Territorial Acknowledgement: Connie

Meeting start: 4PM

Agenda: MSC

Previous Minutes: MSC

Reports Co-Chairs (Connie & Rider): – Update on Greens – no movement / reply from email to meet.

Motion (Connie): Call to A. Carr to get information. MSC – One City Update (Connie): Meeting set up for this Tuesday. School Board – 9 postions, One City wants 3 School Board candidates. Gwen Gweizbreck willing to run for COPE, School Board or Council, as a well as Diana Day – possibly Barb Parrott Greens have 3 seats. – Patrick Condon (Rider): Strikes as a strong candidate – regrets supporting tax freeze on social media (other sources of funding available . . .). He will consider running for COPE for mayor. – VDLC: Recommendation from the subcommittee (Rider, Connie): Council – 2 COPE, 2 Green, 2 One City & 1 Team Jean. MSC 2 seats COPE for School – MSC 2 seats COPE for Park – MSC – Motion (Gary): Media release Monday morning re: position going into VDLC negotions – Courier Straight, other media. –

Delegates: Affirm Tristan, Gary, Connie. MSC

Finance: Draft Budget (details attached) – $165, 800 – trying for half funds upfront prior to June 10th 2018 nominating conference to spur rest of funding through to election conclusion.

Team Jean fundraising social media very successful – Wendy wanting to duplicate with COPE.

Connie: Campaign manager most important position. Anita: agreed. Wendy: favour of campaign manager – money maker in Team Jean was canvassing coordinator most important – more work with full time person. Connie: two organizing at this point: Team Jean & COPE: we have to be carefull of donation sharing. Gary: volunteer coordinator for folk fest worked well – we need to think globally on our various positions: June 10th gives us lots of time to bring in funds to launch. We all need to make lists of funders. Alan and Carol to liaise with Andrea, Team Jean financial agent to check rules. Tristan: canvassing – 60K to elected; 30K mark 1 contacts by Oct 15.

Events: Social Forum 2PM Grandview Park: Generic flier ready to go. May 1st, march with banner and distribute leaflets. Meet at Jack Poole Plaza 2PM. Team Jean Launch May 3rd: City We Need launch, Thursday, City Hall (12th & Cambie) noon. Harry Rankin Film: Playhouse, Thursday; can leaflet ahead of time.

Executive resignation: Satie Shottha notified the COPE executive April 28th that she was resigning her executive position.

Fundraising: no report

Outreach: no report

Communications: no report

Candidate Search: no report

GMOC: no report

Housing Comm: no report

Membership: no report

PCC: no report

New Business: none

Annoucements: no announcements

Next Meeting: May 22, 2018

Meeting adjourn: 9PM