COPE Executive Meeting Minutes Saturday June 2, 2018
10 am 911 West 21st Ave.

Present: Connie Hubbs, Gary Cristall, Esther Silva, Anita Romaniuk (by phone), Ajantha Dharmapala, Wendy Perdersen, Carol Jerde, Sara Sagaii, Rider Cooey, John Ames (minutes)

Territory Acknowledgement – Connie Hubbs
Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting — MSC
Adoption of minutes from Executive Meeting May 22 2018 – by e-vote

Report from the Chairs – Meetings with Kennedy Steward, Patrick Condon, VDLC (report), candidates papers in, Team Jean COPE merge, Drive Coffee House ‘Meet the Candidates.’

Report from VDLC Negotiating Team: Connie – see VDLC proposal below (comments in green – Rider):
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2018 6:10 PM
To: COPE Executive
Subject: Re: COPE’s response to VDLC
FYI  The VDLC has approved the following numbers for Council
These lists are the “3 (a)” frequently cited below?
1 Jean Swanson (Can be transferred to COPE) = added?
2 One City
3 Greens
5 Vision
All orgs are permitted by this agreement to run up to the number of Council & Parks & School? candidates indicated. But the VDLC will choose 10 only to endorse for Council.
Comment: The VDLC have indicated that they will endorse 4/5 for Vision.

School Board
3 Green
3 One City
3 Vision
They will endorse 9/10 —? There are only nine elected Trustees

Park Board
0 One City
3 Greens
2 Vision

Motion – Gary: We reject the VDLC proposal. MSC

Timing for answering VDLC: Agreed – Leave up to the VDLC negotiators or Co-Chairs by June 10th Candidates’ Meeting.

Report from Candidate Search Committee – Nomination filings to date: Jean Swanson, Anne Roberts, Derrick O’Keefe, Wes Dider (Council); Diana Day, Barb Parrot (School Board); Gwen Giesberg, John Irwin (Park Board).

Additional Reports:

Finance – No Report

Fundraising – Wendy: need to buy 50th anniversary tickets. Wendy, Gary met for fundraiser work – concentrating on potential larger donors. Helping candidates network for funding. How can we raise chunk of money to run a serious campaign. Fusion committee for Jean Swanson and COPE regarding finances, elections BC. Have really good script in place for June 10 meeting to raise extra funds.

GMOC – Connie Meetings d Upcoming Nomination Meeting – 1pm 12th and – 4PM Mayoral pitches – Patrick Condon, Patrick Steward, Shauna Sylvester: format 2mins speech each, then Rider gives question – 1 min to come up reply; then Q&A from audience. Three components: election of candidats. Links to policy referred (needs to be online before meeting).

PCC – John Ames: main draft 2018 platform is now online (Google Drive) combining all previous referred resolutions and 2014 amendments/deletions.

Communications committee – Riaz: Jean Swanson team fusing COPE – like-minded people working with each other; with particular dynamic is the look, design of the campaign – what will it look like? Fusion of two orgs into one org: cultural diffs maybe, have to overcome – how all works with min of friction (graphics, slogans, etc.)? Riaz: Communications meeting report Thursday May 31. Recordeing minuted, Michael graphic artist, designer, proposing something in two weeks – a number of options incorporating a number of the things – colours etc. Patrick vids, Maddy (Chair?, yes), John A

Housing Committee – no Report

Membership – No Report

Other Business: Fusion advisory, working group (Wendy, Gary, Rider, Tristan) – smaller tech details and organizational culture, type things, consistency, canvassing, campaign committee, incorporating structures (marks), two different data bases to fuse, Michel coordinating data – no perceived problems, maximizing data (sorted); canvassing and data base, financing, policy, as working group, press release (Connie), 2014 policy platfform, Team Jean, combine into 2018

New Business – none

Announcements – none

Next Executive Meeting – June 12 7PM Location Connie’s Place

Adjourn – 12:17PM