COPE Executive Meeting  Minutes 

March 25 2018 |

Sitka Square False Creek Housing Co-Op

Present: Rider, Connie (C0-Chairs), Ester, Sam, Carol, Gary Cristal (guest), Riaz, John A. (minutes)

Meeting start: 12 noon


Previous Minutes: Candidate Search Committee – Riaz agreed to be on the commications committee, not yet met; runours of candidates – Libby Davis, Herbert Spencer, Don Davies

Old Business:


Co-Chairs: Connie –

1) Connie and Rider VDLC meeting March 6 with past and present presidents, Joey Hartman andf Stephen Von Sychowskii.

2) Raised issue(s) of a cooperartive arrangement with Vision as highly problematic, with exception of school board; Vision’s policy on housing unacceptable;

3) Diana Day – unacceptable treatment last election – meeting set March 20 to meet with Diana (John Y); Diana very upset from treatment from Cupe 15, and VDLC. COPE asking for fair and transparent process for dealing with this problem; VDLC tried to send COPE to CUPE 15. Joey Hartman appologized to Diana Day and aggreed to contact CUPE 15. Other follow ups – Jane Bouey agreed to mentor Diana; Donna Morgan agreed to go to BCTF conference;

4) Upcoming VDLC Think City (in line with early 2000 Think City w/ Neil Moncton);

5) Joey Hartman has a date for second joint meeting; VDLC to get all civic progressive parties togher with mediator Deb Lipman (late May).

Finance: Carol – Getting accounts ready for election; school account; up $7000 from last year – To Do: insurance, awaiting. Alan has access code for exec to see online account CCEC. Anita – mailling list.

Fundraising: Connie – we need to get a lot more active fundraising; 50th anniversary COPE

Fundraiser; Connie had lunch with M. Goodman enviromental policy (Kinder Morgan) (Mel Lehan arrested yessrday); Film on tank farms fires and explosions – take film door to door fundraiser; drive coffee bar – offering space to hold meeting(s); booked for May 5th (Catherine: discussion history of COPE). Outreach: 50th anniverasry fundraising and Grandview Park; Pride Parade; Main Street, Car Free Day; Anita, Gary (Cristal), John A., will help with party date organizing.

GMOC: Connie – March 11 a success. Live internet feed succesful; new members out of it; Policy Conf. April 7th – need lots of help – 9am wrap up 3:30PM

Housing Comm: no report

Membership: 7 members new since last meeting;

PCC No report

New Business:

Motion: Cope expreses its solidarity with actions aginst the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

To Do: Co-Chairs to take care of liaising with media.

Annoucement: Sam, Right to Remain – 60-70 people first meeting

Next Meeting: April 15th 2018

Meeting adjourned: 1:55PM