COPE Executive Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

February 18, 2018

Sitka Square, False Creek Co-Op

Present: Connie, Rider, Aiden, Carol, Sam, Ester, John A., Riaz, John Y. (joining in 12:20pm; phone disruption call dropped) Guest: Mel Lehan

Meeting start: 11AM

Agenda: MSC

Mel Lehan COPE election goals, facts, scenarios

Committee Reports

Previous Minutes: January 13, 2018: MSC

Motion: To include e-vote on executive meeting date change ups. MSC

Mel: COPE election goals, facts, scenarios Election strategy: Candidates Electoral scenarios:

1) COPE run on People’s Campaign;

2) COPE, allied with Jean Team, Greens, One City, Vision Possible candidates: Jean Swanson, John (?), Melanie Mah, Gary Crystal, Wendy Pederson, Sid Chow Tan. Policy – principled and progressive. Affordability, environment Mayoral candidate: Agreement with VDLC – Libby Davies or Don Davies? Non-agreement: Jean Swanson (push labour council) School Board & Park Board

Motion: That Cope strike a Candidates’ Search Committee. MSC

Motion: Meet with Jean Team to coordinate strategy and candidates. MSC

Motion: Election Planning Committee, to populate with all executive and other members, and schedule next meeting. MSC Rider:

Election Planning Committee to meet February 25th 10AM

Committee Reports

Treasurer Report: Carol Jerde: January 17th 2018  – MSC

Motion: Review COPE Bylaws to harmonize with BC Election Statutes. MSC

Motion: COPE approve Co-Chairs as official signers for election. MSC –

Fundraising Connie:

  • Tribute to Tim Louis well received.
  • COPE summer celebration: Rowing Club mid-June, July. –

Policy and Constitution Committee

(Awaiting Gayle Gavin’s report to 3:45PM; John to forward 3:45PM on report.) –

General Meeting Organizing Committee Connie: Three General meetings required for 2018 – needing dates.

VDLC meeting April 15, 2018 – conflicts with Policy Convention date.

March 11 2018 COPE General Meeting moving ahead as planned.

Motion: Policy Convention date to be set for April 7, 2018. MSC

Next Meeting: TBA