After a tight race that was settled by a third ballot, COPE members
elected incumbent City Cllr David Cadman and former councillor and
community activist Ellen Woodsworth as their candidates for city

The run off ballots were needed as COPE’s nomination rules require a candidate to get a clear majority of all the votes cast.

The school board race was determined in a single ballot that saw
incumbent school Trustees Al Blakey and Allen Wong, joined by Jane Bouey, a former trustee, Bill Bargeman, a teacher and former president of the Vancouver
Secondary Teacher’s Association, and student activist
Alvin Singh.

At under 25, Singh may be among the youngest candidates vying for a
spot in this November’s election, but he has a long history of
organizing students and parents concerned about the lack of earthquake
upgrading of Vancouver’s aging elementary and secondary schools.

For Park Board, incumbent Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock and former
park board chair Anita Romaniuk were elected by acclamation.

“With this nomination COPE is going into the election as a united party
where all candidates have the support of a majority of the membership,”
said Cadman. “That is unlike the NPA where the Executive choose the
candidates who are then rubber stamped at their meetings.”

The candidates and COPE Executive thank all the volunteers and
supporters, especially the hard pressed members of the ballotting
committees, who contributed so much to the success of the 2008
Nominating Conference.

COPE elects candidates for November civic election COPE

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