COPE elects candidates for November civic election

After a tight race that was settled by a third ballot, COPE members elected incumbent City Cllr David Cadman and former councillor and community activist Ellen Woodsworth as their candidates for city council.

The run off ballots were needed as COPE’s nomination rules require a candidate to receive a clear majority of all the votes cast.

The school board race was determined in a single ballot that saw incumbent school Trustees Al Blakey and Allen Wong joined by former trustee Jane Bouey, teacher and former president of the Vancouver Secondary Teacher’s Association Bill Bargeman, and student activist Alvin Singh.

At under 25, Singh may be among the youngest candidates vying for a spot in this November’s election, but4 he has a long history of organizing students and parents concerned about the lack of earthquake upgrading of Vancouver’s aging elementary and secondary schools.

For Park Board, incumbent Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock and former park board chair Anita Romaniuk were elected by acclamation.

"With this nomination COPE is going into the election as a united party where all candidates have the support of a majority of the membership," said Cadman. "That is unlike the NPA where the Executive choose the candidates who are then rubber stamped at their meetings."

The candidates and COPE Executive thank all the volunteers and supporters, especially the hard pressed members of the balloting committees, who contributed so much to the success of the 2008 Nominating Conference.

COPE campaign to focus on youth and new media

In a political landscape dominated by cigar-chomping men plotting strategy in corporate backrooms, COPE’s 2008 election campaign will be co-managed by a woman – and one under 30.  It will be a first for any major Vancouver civic party.

Rachel Marcuse and long-time organizer Ivan Bulic will co-manage COPE’s campaign.

"When I moved back to Vancouver after four years at McGill, I was astounded at the changes," said Marcuse. "Young working people can’t afford to live here, and I realized we need to bring progressive government back to Vancouver. COPE has worked hard for issues that are important to young people – affordable housing, transit, environment and preserving strong, diverse neighbourhoods."

With a background in non-profit management, Marcuse has been working for COPE since 2006. Bulic has been involved in elections and campaigns since the 1970s, and has been COPE’s main organizer since 2005.

The COPE campaign will include the usual lawn signs, ads and door-knocking. But Marcuse also plans to use Facebook, Youtube, streaming video and mobile texting that speak to youth and are revolutionizing campaigns like those of US democratic hopeful Obama.

COPE’s campaign promises to deliver a few surprises and plenty of innovations.

COPE Needs You: Volunteer for Campaign 2008

Hi COPEsters,

As your newly minted Volunteer Coordinator I want to take a second to reach out to you, our volunteers.  As you know campaigns are only as strong as their volunteers.  You have been flagged as some of the best of the best COPE has to offer.  Below are a few of the volunteer positions we are looking to fill over the next few weeks.

Take a second and see if you are able to help with any of these jobs.  Feel free to contact me either by email at or call 604-315-2365 to confirm your availability.

See you on the Campaign!
Kate Van Meer-Mass
COPE Volunteer and Events Coordinator

Volunteer Positions:

1) We need four volunteers to help leaflet at the Drift annual arts and cultural festival from 11 am to 1 pm on Sun, Oct 05.  Sign up is limited so call quickly. Meet at suite 209-175 East Broadway, Vancouver.

2)  Office move:  Volunteers are needed to help move into our new campaign office at 585 East Broadway at Carolina.  If you’ve got some spare time and elbow grease call Kate at 604-315-2365 for more details.

3)  Sign Prep: We need a few volunteers to help with sign prep. Already we have hundreds of sign locations and it’s time to get them ready to go.  Please call (604-315-2365) or email for more details.

Yes, we can restore progressive government to Vancouver!

Send in your DONATION today to make the COPE campaign more competitive, more compelling, and more effective.

Visit or mail your cheque to 209 – 175 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5T-1W2 or call us at 604-255-0400.

"What Gender is your city?"  Women, gender and local government

A panel discussion featuring COPE city council candidate Ellen Woodsworth, Prabha Khosla, who will speak about her new book Gender in Local Governance: A Sourcebook for trainers, and Erica de Castro of the UBC Planning Department

Join us to ensure gender issues are on the agenda for the Nov.15 municipal election.

What: Panel discussion on gender and politics
Where: Rhizome Café, 317 E Broadway, Vancouver
When: 7 pm, Thurs, Oct 09.

Join Hands for Justice: Celebrating Community

Walk from the bottom of Davie (where we held the Aaron Webster gathering) up Davie street to Little Sisters.

What: Walk for Justice
When: 1 pm, Sun, Oct 12
Where: South end of Davie St, Vancouver

Information: Little Sisters 604-669-1753, or The Centre 604-684-5307.

Meeting of COPE LGBTQ Caucus

"The recent increase in homophobic attacks is of great concern to COPE," said COPE Council Candidate Ellen Woodsworth. "The governing bodies in our city should engage in public campaigns against violence towards those who are vulnerable because of their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic class, age and ability."

Join Imtiaz Popat, Ellen Woodsworth, Jane Bouey, Spencer Herbert and other members of COPE’s LGBTQ Caucus. The Caucus works with elected COPE representatives and members of the community to advocate for policies to increase public safety in our streets, parks, community centres, schools and other public places.

What: COPE LGBTQ Caucus Meeting
When: 5 pm, Thurs, Oct 09
Where: Rhizome Café, 317 E Broadway, Vancouver

COPE elects candidates for election; Campaign to focus on youth; volunteer call; donations; and more!

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