For Immediate Release
Sept 11th, 2014

COPE declares our opposition to the proposed Canadian-European Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement ( CETA ) and our support for Citizens Against CETA, The Council of Canadians, Members of the European Parliament, the Canadian Maritime and Supply Chain Coalition, The Canadian Labour Congress, et al, in their efforts to oppose this agreement that has been negotiated secretly, without debate in either the Canadian or European Parliaments. 

This agreement, if passed, will have a devastating effect upon the very fabric of Canadian society by allowing European companies and corporations access to Canada’s resources without employing Canadian workers. CETA also will permit companies and corporations to sue governments. The agreement would – potentially – result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs for Canadians, in skyrocketing unemployment, in costs to government, and non-observation of Canada’s established workers’-rights legislation. 

It is a surrender of our sovereignty to foreign interests. If Prime Minister Harper is successful, Canadian resources would be in the hands of European corporations with European labour reaping the benefits. The Canadian economy will suffer, legislation will become subject to CETA protocols, thereby furnishing multinational interests unfettered access to Canada’s resources without respect to Canadian law. COPE is both alarmed and vehemently opposed to CETA and the lack of any transparency, consultation, or parliamentary debate on this critical issue. We urge all Canadians to communicate their opposition to CETA and demand that democratic debate on the agreement occur in both the Canadian and European Parliaments. 

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COPE declares public opposition to proposed Canadian-European Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA ).