"I congratulate Gregor Robertson on his winning Vision’s mayoral nomination tonight," said COPE External Co-Chairperson Ellen Woodsworth. "And I am looking forward to discussing with him the need for a common campaign this fall to defeat Peter Ladner and the NPA."

Robertson won on the first ballot beating out Cllr Raymond Louie, and former NPA park commissioner Allan De Genova.

"At COPE we believe it is vital for all opposition parties and groups to form a common campaign,"  said Woodsworth. "We have outlined a framework for what that would look like and it would include:  a single mayoral candidate endorsed by all participating organizations, a common platform on crucial issues such as homelessness, transportation and environmental sustainability, and a single list of candidates for city council, park  and school board."

In his victory speech Robertson stressed the need for unity among progressive forces. "We  need to reach out to COPE and the Greens to create a respectful coalition, " he said.

COPE Cllr David Cadman, who was  at the Croatian Cultural Centre when Robertson was declared Vision’s mayoral candidate, noted that "the fact that Gregor spoke about the need for all progressive forces to form a coalition is a positive signal and something that we can work toward."

COPE congratulates Robertson on nomination win.

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