COPE City Council Candidates Support Ban on Shark Fin SoupFor Immediate Release: Friday, October 27th, 2011

COPE City Council Candidates Ellen Woodsworth, RJ Aquino and Tim Louis are calling on Vancouver to ban the distribution, sale and consumption of the controversial shark fin.

Known best for its use in shark fin soup, the Chinese delicacy is under heavy fire because of the inhumane killing practices associated with it. Referred to as ‘finning’, sharks are captured, their fins cut off, and then thrown back in to the ocean to die. Every year millions of sharks are reportedly killed for their fins alone in this billion-dollar industry.

“Vancouver needs to follow Ontario’s lead on this. COPE supports ecological sustainability and the practice of finning is undermining that goal,” said Councillor Woodsworth. “Its time for Vancouver to join other cities in calling for a ban on shark fin soup.”

“We would also like to work closely with surrounding municipalities to create a comprehensive regional ban,” added Woodsworth. “While Vancouver alone would be a great step in the right direction, creating a regional, provincial ban or North American ban is going to be the most effective.”

COPE City Council Candidates Support Ban on Shark Fin Soup