COPE  School Board candidates Bill Bargeman, Al Blakey, Jane Bouey, Alvin Singh and Allan Wong,  released COPE’s School platform today. They will emphasize advocacy, smaller class sizes and openness and transparency at School Board.

“The hallmarks of the NPA School Board were deals made behind closed doors and pet projects that pit school against school, parent against parent, community against community, and student against student,” said Bouey.

COPE’s advocacy is to bring parents, teachers, students, and community together. This approach has been effective. The previous COPE School Board stopped more than $3 million in cuts to inner city schools and helped make public education a crucial issue – winning additional funding for schools across the province. The COPE Board, together with the community, put  seismic safety for our schools on the provincial agenda. The current NPA board has since stalled on earthquake upgrading.  

“COPE will work with the community and stand up to get the full and stable funding necessary so that we can eliminate school fees, and so that all students, including those with special needs and those for whom English is a Second Language, can receive the education that is their right, “ said Bargeman.
NPA School Board chair Clarence Hansen  who supports student fees, often amounting to hundreds of dollars per student, says parents should get used to paying extra fees.
A priority in COPE’s School Board policies is youth engagement.

“Another three years of the NPA running our schools will mean that this important work will not receive the focus it deserves,” said Singh. “It is clear the NPA do not understand the importance of developing and improving youth engagement. Youth must play a direct role in shaping their own education.”

COPE’s  policy priorities include:

– Earthquake-proofing Vancouver’s schools
– Work for smaller class sizes
– Eliminate extra fees and advocate for provincial funding to fill funding shortfalls

For full details of the 2008 COPE School Platform go to:

For information: Dave Fields, COPE Communications, 604-722-4775

COPE Candidates release school policy platform

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